Charmed Role Reversal

                                 The Contents
                                        The Stories
                                               Something Witchy This Way Can't Come...Or Can It?
                                          Itís a Charmed Life
                                          Practice Makes Imperfect
                                          To Date, or Not to Date, That is the Question
                                          Aid and Comfort
                                          A Streetcar Named Halliwell
                                          Thirty Seconds Over London
                                          I Know What You Did Two Summers Ago
                                          Lights! Camera! Demon!
                                          Have Spell, Will Travel
                                          The Past Just Ain't What It Used To Be
                                          Hearts and Minds
                                          Close Encounters of the Worst Kind
                                          And Then There Were Three
                                          Peaked Interest
                                          A Ghost of a Chance
                                          Sleepless in San Francisco
                                          No Thanks, For the Memories
                                          Oops, I Witched It Again
                                          Neutral Powers
                                          Demons 'Я Us
                                            This Slide, Was Made, For You and Me
                                          Birthday Girl
                                          A Paige From The Future
                                          The Adventure of the Charmed Detective
                                          A Family Affair
                                          Witch Pitch
                                          Witches of the Caribbean
                                              Look of Love
                                          Lifestyles of the Witch and Famous
                                          I Led Two Lives
                                              Charmed Heat
                                          The Witch Who Went Out <I>Into</I> The Cold
                                                A Witch's Holiday
                                               The Malteset Locket
                                          The Headless Halliwell of Sleepy Hollow
                                          The Morning of The Doctor
                                          To Dream, The Improbable Dream
                                          To Dream, The Improbable Dream
                                          Eve of Destruction
                                          It Ain't Over Till It's Over
                                         The Greatest American Hero
                                         Independence Day
                                                Independence Day
                                               Kelly & Rose
                                             The Great Art Caper
                                             CGIS: San Francisco
                                               Conference Call
                                               Witch of Interest
                                               The Spy Who Charmed Me
                                               The Lady and the Diamonds
                                              The Case of the Merely Impossible
                                          Don't Cry For Me, San Francisco
                                          Home, Bittersweet Home