Charmed Role Reversal

And Then There Were Three

The young woman's face was so clear, so bright, so fresh. A perky look with only a hint of any makeup. Her expression was tranquil, almost restful. Quite in contrast to the surrounding tumult and the people milling all around her.

And in contrast to the police inspector who was quickly using chalk to outline her body on the cement sidewalk.

Prue had said that this was harder to do than it was on Charmed, Piper thought to herself, but that wasn't the half of it. Prue hadn't even seen either of the other two girls' bodies at the murder scenes but now Piper had seen this third one.

If only this was Charmed, she thought. But Kaleigh Mc Dermitt was not going to get up to do another take. She was not going to get up when the cameras stopped rolling. She was never going to get up.

She lay with her right leg forming a figure four, her right arm stretched outward, her left arm parallel to her body, almost touching Piper's shoes. Piper wanted to turn away, to run away, to do anything not to look down at the girl lying at her feet.

But she couldn't turn away. Another girl may die if I don't look, she thought. And if this is connected to a demon's plan of destruction on the eve of the solstice, then a lot more people will die, too. No, she had to look.

Kaleigh's hair was light brown. Just like Phoebe, Piper thought. And she was short. Maybe a little over five feet.  Just like Phoebe. And her age. It was just like-

Stop thinking like that, Piper thought. This is bad enough. Don't make it even harder than it already is.

She knelt down and forced herself to take the girl's hand. It's cold made Piper shudder. It was a cold like none she had ever felt before. It was a clammy, dead girl's cold.

Pentagrams, seemingly upside down, were all around the girl's body. And on her blouse, burned through it and into her chest, was another. Just like on the first two girls.

What did it all mean? Piper asked herself. There has to be something here that could help. Maybe if Phoebe had been here she could have gotten a premonition from holding the girl's hand, she thought.

But Phoebe wasn't there. She had gone with Prue to check on something strange that had happened the night before in Oakland. They were grasping at straws - it was unlikely that it really was related to demons -  but they had nothing else they could even try, so they decided to go have a look. Only Piper had been at home when Morris had come. And it all rested on her shoulders to find something on the girl's body that would help.

But there was nothing. Nothing, at least, that meant anything to Piper. She slowly put the girl's hand down and stood up.

"Anything?" Morris asked. Piper exhaled, then shook her head.

"All right," Morris said to another inspector. "You can take her away."

Piper watched as they lifted Kaleigh's body, put it into a plastic bag, and zippered it closed. Piper felt dejected, helpless...and useless.

"He has to be stopped," Morris said to her. "And I'm going to stop him, whoever he is. I need any help you, Prue and Phoebe can give me." He hesitated for a moment. "Anything."

Piper nodded her head. If only we had anything, she thought.