Charmed Role Reversal

A Stitcher in Time Saves Mine

T he cloudless morning sun made the Hollywood sign, high atop Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills, clearly visible from the streets in the city below it. The sign was a sight Stuart Weston regularly enjoyed seeing while standing on a corner of Hollywood Boulevard, during his annual Southern California vacation. But this year, having been inadvertently brought to San Francisco together with Alyssa Milano when The Elders made Charmed, and all three of its actresses' Halliwell characters, part of the real world, he had little chance to be here to take in the view.

So Stuart appreciated the opportunity he and his fiancée Kelly Anderson were taking, flying down to Los Angeles for a long weekend getaway. A break from the demon fighting stress they had both been under. And, on Kelly's secret agenda, to get Stuart away from coming into any more contact with demons. To keep her sanity, Kelly had stopped counting how many times Stuart had almost died over the past few weeks, because of demons, evil beings and even a spy-assassin.

Not that Stuart had any powers to use against them. Unlike Kelly, who was a witch and had real powers, he had none. But because he loved Kelly he wouldn't let her take on demons and other evil without his being at her side. And because she loved him, and he wouldn't stop helping her in these encounters, she had agreed to let him be himself and stand with her. Nevertheless, if she could surreptitiously come up with some excuse to keep him safe, she would. At least for a little while.

So this extended weekend-cum-mini-vacation was to be a break for both of them.

In the morning, Kelly - her blond hair in its usual ponytail and wearing a tailored red shirt, tan slacks and cordovan flats - and Stuart had strolled through the historic Farmer's Market in the Fairfax District, exploring the Market's varied small shops and fresh produce stands. And of course pausing to stand by and admire its famous Clock Tower. In the afternoon they had taken a tour of Grauman's Chinese Theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Being an Assistant Curator at the de Young Museum in San Francisco and an art historian, Kelly was especially impressed with the theatre's grandeur and décor. They both enjoyed looking over the many celebrity handprints, footprints and autographs - and other signature items of Hollywood's stars - that were left in wet cement in the theatre's forecourt.

It had been a completely relaxing day, and to Kelly's relief, one without even a hint of the word demon. They were just a normal couple with nothing more on their minds than enjoying L.A.'s sights. It was just the change that she had so wanted for Stuart.

After dinner in a small café on a quiet block in the Pico-Robertson District, they were taking a leisurely walk to their car. Kelly had opened her ponytail, letting her blond hair fall freely along the sides of her pretty, slightly long face and down to her shoulders.

They were nearing their car when they approached a young woman walking in the opposite direction towards them. Even in the dusk's light, they saw that she was slim, with a slightly long, pretty face and long blond hair similar to Kelly's. Slightly taller than Kelly's five foot nine, she appeared to be perhaps a year or two older than her. Their similarities were enough that had they claimed to be sisters, there wasn't anything obvious about them to contradict that.

"Good evening," Stuart said politely as they passed each other. The young woman nodded her head in acknowledgment. They continued on for a few seconds when they heard a noise behind them. They turned and saw that suddenly someone was standing in the young woman's path, about ten feet in front of her.

"You've done enough looking for victims' truths," the figure said. "You shouldn't have been so helpful."

Kelly saw it was a man, with shaggy hair and an evil sneer on his face. As he raised his hands she saw a metallic ball suddenly appear in each hand. Demons' balls.

"Get her out of the way!" Kelly shouted at Stuart. He rushed at the young woman, grabbed her around her chest from behind and shoved her to the side of the street. She started to resist and as she turned to face him, he tightened his grip and pulled her behind a large, black garbage container, sheltering her body with his.

The figure threw the first ball at the spot where the young woman had been standing and it exploded harmlessly on the sidewalk. But the second ball landed closer to the garbage container. The explosion shattered the container, the force pushing Stuart and the woman hard into the wall behind them.

Kelly's mind was racing, trying to remember. And then she pictured the words. She stared at the figure and quickly began:

    "Demon with exploding balls you shall forever vanish;
      From this world with this spell I hereby thee banish."

A fireball appeared and descended on the figure. There was a loud boom. And the figure was gone.

Kelly rushed over to Stuart and the young woman. The black garbage container had splintered into countless pieces, many of them covering Stuart.

With his arms around the young woman and their facing each other, their bodies, and their lips, were pressed tightly together. Despite not wanting to, Stuart couldn't help how good she felt in his arms. And how good her kiss felt on his lips.

"Are you hurt?" Kelly shouted as she started picking off the plastic shards from Stuart.

For a moment he couldn't answer her. Something inside of him wanted to keep the young woman's body pressed against his. And to not let their forced kiss end. As they looked into each other's eyes, Stuart felt a spark happen between them. And he could see on her face that she had briefly felt the chemistry, too.

But Stuart loved Kelly. He was not looking for anyone else, no matter how his body, and his emotions, had reacted to the young woman's touch and kiss.

"I'm OK," he answered Kelly. He started to get up and helped the young woman up too.

"Are you all right?" he asked her.

"Yes...I'm not hurt," she replied. She looked at Kelly and Stuart as he shook off more of the plastic shards. "Thank you," she said.

"Are you sure you're not hurt?" Kelly asked.

The woman touched the side of her head. "It's a little sore here from hitting the wall. But otherwise I'm fine. Who was that?"

"Someone who wanted to hurt you," Kelly replied.

"No - someone who wanted to kill me," the woman corrected her. "He threw some kind of explosive. What happened to him?"

Kelly and Stuart looked at each other. "I'm Kelly Anderson and this is Stuart Weston."

"I'm Kirsten Clark," the woman said. "Again - what happened to him?"

"He's gone. You're safe from him," Kelly said.

"What did he mean that you shouldn’t have been so helpful?" Stuart asked. Someone who is "so helpful" could easily become a demon's target. "What do you do?"

"I' investigator," Kirsten replied.

"What kind?" Stuart asked.

"I can't go into that," Kirsten replied. "What did you mean he's gone?"

"I mean you never have to worry about him. Ever again," Kelly replied.

"What did you do to him? And what was that loud boom?" Kirsten asked.

"I can't go into that," Kelly said. Kirsten gave her a piercing, questioning look. "I guess that makes us even. But I guarantee you that you are safe now."

"From him," Kirsten said.

"You recognized him?" Stuart asked. That would mean she's been attacked by a demon before.

"No. I never saw him before," Kirsten answered.

"But you know someone sent him?" Kelly asked.

Kirsten exhaled. "Probably not," she admitted. "Look...I sincerely want to thank you for saving me, however you did it. But I don't know that I can thank you as I should."

"You're shaken up from this. That's understandable," Stuart said. "Come with us to our hotel. We can get a drink in the lounge and you can calm down."

"We all could use calming down with a drink," Kelly added. "We're staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Olympic in West L.A. It's just a few blocks from here."

"Thank you but I'm fine now," Kirsten said. "You put yourselves in danger saving me. That's something...only special people do. I promise I won't forget that. I mean that sincerely."

"Can we at least escort you home?" Stuart asked.

"No, but thank you." She picked a few remaining plastic pieces off of Stuart's sleeve. "I'll keep these as a reminder." She put them into her jacket pocket. "Good night."

Stuart and Kelly watched the young woman walk off.

"That was a life-saver that you remembered that spell," he said.

"Prue let me look through the Book of Shadows," she replied, referring to Prue Halliwell and her family's book with the spells from generations of witches. "I was interrupted before I could go through much of it but that spell for a demon with exploding balls was one that I did manage to see."

“Kirsten Clark didn't seem as shaken up as an ordinary person who was attacked like that would be. And she was purposely vague about what she does," Stuart pointed out. "An investigator for whom? Some government agency?" He paused. "Whatever it is we know from what the demon said that she helps people. So she can still be some other demon's target and may need protection. We have to find out just who she is."

Kelly exhaled. In truth Stuart was right. But they weren't in San Francisco where they could go to a usually accommodating Police Inspector Darryl Morris to get information about someone. And getting Stuart involved with demon activity was the opposite of what her plan about coming to L.A. was all about. The demon encounter they just had had been much more than enough disruption.

"We don't have any contacts here to help us," she said. "We'll have to hope that it was just that one demon who knew about her."

"But -" he started to protest.

"Honey... we have to leave it. We really can't do any more about this. Let's go back to the hotel. There are things there that...we can do," she added with a smile. "OK?"

Stuart exhaled. "OK. You can be very convincing," he chuckled.

Stuart sat naked on the edge of the bed as Kelly approached him. She was wearing a burgundy short robe with tailored shoulders and a squared-off bottom that reached midway down her thighs. It was the style of robe she knew that Stuart really liked.

And Kelly also knew that look on Stuart’s face. “What?” she asked

"I just hope that Kirsten Clark is safe and there really isn‛t someone else coming after her," he said.

Kelly took a deep breath. "I do, too." Despite her avoiding saying anything about it since it happened, she was disappointed but not surprised that Stuart was still concerned about the young woman. Time for more distraction, she thought. And so she brushed her exposed lower thigh against Stuart‛s knee.

That got Stuart's attention and he pulled open the robe's belt. Kelly let the robe fall to the carpeted floor, leaving her naked, too. He pulled back the blanket and got into the bed, making room for Kelly to crawl in and lie next to him. As she did, Stuart felt the warmth and the love in her arms as they surrounded him.

As their bodies came together, Kelly was set on making Stuart forget about their run-in with the demon. They were here to keep Stuart safe and away from all of that. She was determined that she would make sure that all that would be on Stuart's mind for the rest of the night - would be her.

The early morning sunshine shown through the drawn back curtains into the room. The tall man, in his mid-thirties with a slightly rugged face, stood next to the bed. In his job he had to be used to this and be business-like about it. But he still could be affected by what he saw.

The girl's naked body was beautiful, despite the blood spatter from the two stab wounds in her chest. Tall, with long blond hair and a slightly, long but pretty face, she was young. Her driver's license said she was twenty-one though he would have put her age at a couple of years older. Even dead, he could still see a goodness in her face. A young and kind girl. The type of victim that broke through his professional defenses.

The Medical Examiner nodded his OK to him. He turned and motioned to two attendants. They brought over a body bag and began lifting the girl into it.

"Carefully!" he found himself saying, though he didn't know why he had said it. And then he did know. She had gotten to him. Hurt for the victim had combined with anger for the perpetrator. It wasn't the first time that had happened. In a way, he was glad it did. It showed him that his job had not left him cold and unfeeling, that he was still human. "With respect," he added, to cover up his odd command.

He turned around and walked over to the man sitting in the chair. When they had first arrived, the man had been sitting there with a blood-stained dagger in his hand. The Medical Examiner's preliminary assessment was that the dagger matched the wounds and was the murder weapon. A robe had been draped over the sitting man but other than that he was unchanged, just staring blankly at nothing, just as when they had found him. He had not moved nor said a word to anyone.

"I'm Detective Quincy Fisher with the Los Angeles Police Department," the tall man standing said. "Stuart Weston, you are under arrest for the murder of Kelly Anderson."

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Prue Halliwell sat at the table in the Halliwell Manor kitchen. The phone call had come three hours earlier. She knew that she should be doing something. Going up to the attic and looking through the Book of Shadows for...she didn't know what. Something. Anything. But she was drained from the shock. All she could do now was to sit listlessly and stare out the window.

The doorbell rang. She felt she didn't have the strength to answer it. After half a minute it rang again. And again and again.

"All right!" she shouted. "I'm coming!" She made her way to the front door and opened it. Jordanna Amsel was standing there.

"Let's talk!" Jordanna ordered, pushing past Prue and hurrying into the house. A Special Agent with CGIS, the Coast Guard Investigative Service, Jordanna was used to taking charge and being decisive. A couple of years younger than Prue, her dark, stringy hair reached her neck, which together with her slim body, made her appear to be taller than her five foot seven height. She had recently worked with Prue, Phoebe, Stuart and Kelly to uncover a demon causing sabotage and destruction in the Coast Guard. Though not a witch herself, her mother Margie was one - the witch powers had skipped Jordanna's generation - and had been a close friend of Patty Halliwell, Prue's mother. [Author's Note: See the prior episode CGIS:San Francisco]

"Sit down," Jordanna ordered and pushed Prue down onto the sofa.

"How...did you know?" Prue asked.

"When Kelly was working undercover, I had her list me as next of kin, in case anything happened," Jordanna replied. "I was the only one who knew she was both undercover and a witch. She never took that card out of her purse so the L.A. Police called me."

She looked at Prue's listless face. "Snap out of it!" Jordanna commanded. "You're better than this in a crisis."

"It's Kelly and...and...Stuart," Prue said, the words barely audible as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"And we're not going to be able to help them with you whimpering and crying," Jordanna berated her.

"Help...them?" Prue repeated. "How can we help Kelly? And Stuart..."

"What exactly do we know?" Jordanna asked.

Prue closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them she was a little more in control of herself.

"Not much," she said. "Piper called and said Stuart was found with the murder weapon in his hand. No other prints were on it. And the hotel room door was locked from the inside."

"How does Piper know that?" Jordanna asked.

"As soon as we got the call about Stuart, she went to L.A. with Phoebe," Prue replied. "She told the police they had been down there already."

"How did they get down there so fast?" Jordanna asked.

"Leo took them."

Jordanna took a deep breath. She did not like whitelighters. After her mother had been terribly hurt by a demon, and left physically and mentally enfeebled for years, her whitelighters ignored her and didn't bother to come to see her nor to check on her. She knew that Leo had healed her mother's mind - he wasn't able to heal her body - making her mental faculties normal again, with all of her memory restored. But she still bristled at the mention of whitelighters.

"Piper was able to see him for just a couple of minutes," Prue continued. "She lied about being his family. He told her he didn't know what had happened. The last thing he remembered was lying in bed next to Kelly after...after being with her."

"As in being with her," Jordanna repeated and Prue nodded in confirmation.

"The next thing he knew he was handcuffed in the back of a police car," Prue said. "The police believe Kelly and Stuart got high on something. And in his drugged state he..he stabbed her." Tears started rolling down from Prue's eyes again. "They said he couldn't even respond to anything said to him until he got to the police station and the drugs wore off." Another set of tears trickled down Prue's face.

"Get the tears out of your system - and then stop them!" Jordanna ordered her. Prue wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her blouse, then took a deep breath.

"What about the murder weapon?" Jordanna asked.

"Piper was told it's not traceable," Prue responded. "It had a slightly fancy hilt with a narrow handle but otherwise an ordinary dagger. It could have been purchased anywhere."

"By anyone," Jordanna added.

"Stuart never used drugs. And neither did Kelly," Prue said with conviction.

"I know they didn't," Jordanna agreed. "The first thing we have to do is find out what really happened in that room."

"But Stuart doesn't remember anything," Prue said.

"He wasn't the only one in the room," Jordanna replied.

Prue looked at Jordanna confused. "The real murderer is not going to come forward and admit that."

"I agree," Jordanna said.

"Then who?" Prue asked, and waited for Jordanna to say something. But she didn't. "The only other person was Kelly. She can't tell us..." Tears started to form but Prue closed her eyes tightly and held them back.

Jordanna took a deep breath. "About four months ago, I was on a joint task force with the NSA. I can't go into any details but it was a major operation. There were two critical things we had to know before we went in. Who killed someone and where the body was. And where was a folder with incriminating documents in it.

"The NSA had a CI - a confidential informant - who was going to give them that information. But he was murdered before he did. Yet the NSA had that information and used it to make the operation, or at least most of the operation, a success.

"You could say the NSA took two completely wild guesses, without having anything to back them up, and got lucky on both of them. I doubt any bookie would give you odds on that happening.

" could say that the NSA got the information from the dead CI."

"What?...How?" Prue stammered. "You think...that's what they did? That...they have a witch in the NSA who has a power that could do that?"

"No...not a witch," Jordanna said. "I became friendly with one of the NSA agents during the operation. After it was over we went out to unwind with a few drinks. He had more than a just few. And he let it slip that the NSA has some program...some machine that can do just that. He called it Stitchers."

"Do...what?" Prue asked.

"Get information from a dead person's memory," Jordanna answered.

Prue sat there stunned. " believe they really have such a machine that can do that?"

"It's the only answer that could explain what happened," Jordanna said.

Prue was quiet for a moment. "You want to use this machine on Kelly. And find out what?"

"What she saw. What really happened last night," Jordanna replied.

"If...this secret machine really think they'll just let you use it?" Prue asked.

"Remember I said that most of that joint operation was a success," Jordanna said. "In fact, the NSA team almost got wiped out during the raid. The big NSA honcho Blair who was in charge of planning the whole operation had miscalculated the layout - big time. But I saved their asses. All of theirs."

"By...yourself?" Prue asked in amazement.

"When we worked together last month, I told you that I have the highest rating for marksmanship in the entire CGIS Pacific Region. I don't miss!" Jordanna responded. "So this big NSA honcho owes me big time for saving his team. And for saving his position in the NSA."

Prue shook her head. "You didn't include that in your report, did you. So no one knows what almost happened - and who would have been to blame for it if it had. Why?"

"I figured that might come in handy some day," Jordanna said. "And that day is today. I'm going to send him an emergency official CGIS request for information about what happened to Kelly. And then I'm going down there to make sure that it happens."

"You're blackmailing him," Prue said.

"It's called leveraging," Jordanna corrected her. "You'd be surprised how much of that goes on in government agencies."

"Maybe...maybe we can save Stuart," Prue said slowly.

"At least," Jordanna replied ambiguously.

Prue didn't know what she meant but she couldn't pursue it now. "I'll get Leo to take you down there," she said.

" thanks," Jordanna said. She would keep her distance from whitelighters. Even Leo. "I'll requisition a helicopter from Station Golden Gate. Dustin will give it to me." Dustin Wilcox was the Commanding Officer of that Coast Guard station, under whom Kelly had served during her undercover operation. And he was also Jordanna's former boyfriend. "I'll be in L.A. by noon."

"Listen up, everyone," Maggie Baptise called out. She was standing on the walkway that overlooked a floor full of equipment. In the center of the floor was a large water tank and space for something else next to it almost as large. "We have a change in plan."

"What? I've mapped Richardson's memory. We're ready to go," Linus Ahluwalia, the biotech engineer, said as he looked up at Maggie.

"Richardson will have to wait," Maggie said. "We have an overriding priority." She glanced at Detective Quincy Fisher who was standing next to her. "CGIS sent an emergency request for a stitch into a murder victim."

"CGIS?" Linus asked.

"Coast Guard Investigative Service," Maggie replied. "One of their agents was murdered last night. Officially she was in the Coast Guard Auxiliary but in fact she did undercover work for CGIS."

Cameron Goodkin shrugged his shoulders. He was a young, handsome, neuroscientist and was the hands-on leader of the team. "OK. You're the Stitchers Director, Maggie," he said. "How fast can you map her memory, Linus?"

Linus looked from Maggie to Cameron. "If I rush it I can do it in twenty minutes," he said.

"Do it in fifteen!" Maggie commanded. A former CIA field agent, she had long dark brown hair and at five foot four was shorter than the others. But she made up for her lack of height by being self-confident and tough. And demanding. "Richardson‛s been dead for twenty-four hours so we already have a risk that his memory has started to degrade. He can't be pushed back any more than we absolutely have to."

"Does Blair know about this?" Camille Engelson asked. The young woman with light brown hair was a backup to everyone on the team but primarily followed up on information the team uncovered, including working in the field. Mitchell Blair was Maggie's superior and high up in the echelons of the NSA. "I thought he wanted Richardson stitched first thing today."

"The priority change came from Blair," Maggie replied.

"Oooh...someone in CGIS has some real clout," Cameron remarked.

A young, tall slim woman walked onto the floor. Her blond hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing a black, skin-tight catsuit.

"There's been a change," Maggie informed her. "A CGIS Agent was murdered last night. Fisher is working the case."

"There's really nothing to work. It's open and shut," Fisher said as a clear glass case, with a body inside of it, was rolled into the room. The team immediately rushed to connect it to the equipment. "She and her fiancé got high and in his stupor he stabbed her to death. I found him holding the murder weapon in their hotel room. The door‛s security bolt was locked from the inside so no one could have gotten into the room. I don't know what else CGIS expects us to find."

"What's her name?" Kirsten Clark, wearing the skin-tight catsuit, asked.

"Kelly Anderson," Fisher replied.

Kirsten froze. "Who?!" she asked.

"Kelly Anderson," Fisher repeated.

Kirsten rushed over to the glass case. She pushed Cameron out of the way so she could see the girl's face. A look of horror came across Kirsten's face and her mouth opened in shock.

"Kirsten, what is it?" Maggie asked. Cameron and Camille rushed to her. There was no mistaking the distress that Kirsten was in.

Kirsten stared at Kelly, not able to take her eyes off of the dead girl's face.

"Hey Stretch - talk to me," Cameron said, using his nickname for Kirsten. He gently pulled her back from the case. "Do you recognize her?"

"Kelly Anderson," Kirsten said, still staring at her body. "She saved me last night."

"Saved you from what?" Maggie demanded.

"Someone tried to attack me on the street," Kirsten replied.

"Who tried? And why didn't you tell me?" Maggie was very upset.

"I don't know who he was. Some long haired man, probably homeless. And he didn't know me," Kirsten lied. After she got home and thought over what the man had said to her, she realized that he almost certainly did know who she was."

"You're the key part of the Stitchers program," Maggie went on. "And an NSA Agent. Any danger that you are ever in must be reported to me immediately. No exceptions! And that goes for all of you," she added firmly, looking around at the rest of the team. "Is that understood?"

There was a general nodding of heads.

"Now come up to my office and tell me about it," Maggie ordered Kirsten. "And the rest of you get moving preparing Anderson for the stitch."

Kirsten made her way up the steps to the walkway and then into Maggie's office. She told Maggie how Kelly and Stuart had saved her, omitting, she wasn't sure why, the loud boom she heard.

"Stuart couldn't have killed her," Kirsten said. "He's too caring."

"Fisher says they were high on drugs," Maggie replied. "That can affect anyone, no matter how good you think he is."

Kirsten shook her head. "I don't believe it," she said.

"In a few minutes we'll find out the truth from Anderson‛s memory," Maggie said. She got up from her desk and went out on to the walkway. "Are we ready?" she called down.

"Uh...another minute," Linus replied. Maggie turned back to Kirsten and motioned for her to go down to the floor below.

"How was she killed?" Kirsten asked Fisher.

"Two dagger wounds to the chest," the detective replied. "You'll see it somewhere in the room."

"Show me what it looked like so I'll know what to look for," Kirsten said.

Fisher took out a folded photograph from his jacket pocket. "Here," he said.

Kirsten took the photograph, looked at it then walked down the stairs from the walkway. Linus was still adjusting his dials as Kirsten walked by him. She picked up a headset from the table, placed the photograph in its place on the table and walked over to the water tank. Kirsten‛s immersion in water attached to the equipment was her conduit to the memories of the body that was also attached to the equipment.

"Are you OK to do this?" Cameron asked her. He understood this would be different for Kirsten. This time she would be stitching into someone she knew.

Kirsten took a deep breath. "Yes," she said, nodding her head. She climbed the steps leading to the top of the tank, then went over the edge into the water. A reclining lounge was in the tank and Kirsten settled into it. Only her head and a miniature keyboard were above the water.

Maggie went over to stand next to Fisher on the walkway as Cameron looked around at his team.

"Lights at twenty percent," Cameron said. The dimming of the lights let them see the equipment, and Kirsten, better.

"I need go no-go for stitch. Medical?" he asked and a technician replied "Go."

"Mind map communications?" he asked and Linus replied "Go".

"Comm check?" he asked. "I hear you," Kirsten replied.

"Setting the clock at five minutes," he said and the countdown display showed 5:00. Being in the dead person's memory for more than five minutes, or at the actual time of death, could result in damage to the stitcher's mind. "OK everybody, induce stitch nosync on my mark. Three, two, one - mark!" Cameron took hold of two controls, one in each hand. They resembled hand grips on an exercise machine. And he began to move them.

"Where are you?" Cameron asked. Inside the stitch, the machine let Kirsten access the memories of the dead person. But she saw the memories as if she was standing near the person and not from the dead person's viewpoint.

"On a helicopter," Kirsten said. She looked at the shoulder patch on Kelly's orange suit. "Coast Guard. Oooh - a different memory. Kelly is wearing a harness and being lowered on a cable from the helicopter onto a ship." She looked around. "A Coast Guard ship." The scene changed again.

"A different memory...but still on the ship."

"I know who the saboteur is," Kelly said.

"Kelly just identified the saboteur," Kirsten said. The scene changed again. "She has him cornered at the ship's railing." Kirsten stopped talking. She saw Kelly and another woman in a Coast Guard uniform saying words. And then the saboteur was surrounded in fire. And disappeared. "I don't understand," Kirsten said.

"Don't understand what, Kirsten?" Cameron asked.

"It‛s changed. Kelly and Stuart are standing by a tower up on a hill," Kirsten said.

"I‛ll fight them with my powers," Kelly said. "You can't - you don't have any powers."

"I have to fight this evil with you. Even without having powers," Stuart said.

"Uh...uh...I'm in a different memory," Kirsten replied. "There are girls in a some kind of schoolroom. There's a man standing at the front." She looked at the patch on a girl's sweater. "Gallagher Academy."

Camille quickly entered that on her tablet. "A very private girl's school in Roseville, Virginia," she said, reading from her display.

"Ms. Piper Halliwell and Ms. Kelly Anderson will be your instructors for this course," the man said.

"Kelly is teaching the class together with another young woman," Kirsten said.

"A spell that we cast. Because we're witches," the other young woman said.

The scene changed again. She was standing at a table on which there were many small dishes filled with different things, some of which appeared to be herbs. "You’ll learn to make potions from these. And then you'll learn to use them to defeat the demons," Kelly said.

Completely astonished, Kirsten was about to say something when a young boy suddenly stood in front of her. He wore a red cap and appeared to be about twelve years old. Kirsten had seen him before in other stitches. He didn't belong in Kelly's memory any more than he had belonged in the other dead people's memory where she'd seen him.

"That anomaly is here again," Linus called out. On his display of Kelly's mind map he saw a round, red circle.

"What is it?" Cameron shouted.

"I still don't know," Linus answered. "I'm trying to contain it and get it out of there.'s resisting what I'm doing. I can't force it out."

"Who are you?" Kirsten asked. Cameron couldn't hear what she said. Only the boy could.

"As I told you the other times, I'm appearing to you in an image with which you're comfortable," the boy replied. Kirsten was comfortable with that image. It was how Cameron had looked when he and Kirsten had once met in a hospital, many years ago, when they were both children.

"You can't tell them about Kelly and the others," the boy said. "You can't tell anyone who they really are and what they do."

"Witches? Spells and potions against...demons?" Kirsten asked, not believing the words she had just said.

"Yes. They have important work to do, to protect and save innocent people," the boy continued. "They can't do that if the world knows about them."

Kirsten paused, trying to take it all in. "Is that how Kelly saved me last night?" she asked.

The boy nodded his head in agreement. "Remember, not a word of what you saw about this in Kelly's memory," the boy repeated. And then he was gone.

"Kirsten? Kirsten? Kirsten can you hear me," Cameron asked, sounding frantic.

"The's just gone," Linus said, in surprise.

"Kirsten are you all right? What happened?" Cameron asked.

"Uh...nothing," Kirsten answered. "I'm in a different memory now. It's last night when that person tried to attack me." She was in the memory when Kelly saved her. And she saw and heard how Kelly had done that.

"Kirsten I'm moving you ahead closer to the time of death," Cameron said, moving the handgrip controls.

"I'm in their hotel room," Kirsten said. "Stuart is sitting on the bed. He's naked. Kelly is wearing a robe and walking towards him. Their talking lucidly. No slurring of his speech, no clouding of Kelly's thoughts. I'm looking all around the room. There aren't any drugs here."

"I hope Kirsten Clark is safe," Stuart said. He was worried about me, Kirsten thought.

"I've moved ahead in her memory. They're in bed...together. Ohhh...ohhh." The memory was making her feel Kelly's heightened sexual excitement.

"As in...together?" Cameron asked, giving a sideway glance at Camille, who rolled her eyes in a 'so what' response.

"Her breathing has gone up rapidly," the technician monitoring Kirsten's vitals signs alerted the team. "And her heart rate is shooting up."

"I'm moving you ahead in time," Cameron said.

"No...wait..." Kirsten pleaded. In the memory she felt Kelly's body's convulsions as she reached the height of her sexual intimacy. Kirsten closed her eyes and let the feelings wash over her. She had sometimes felt fear in a dead person‛s memory, even the person‛s sense of being attacked. But she never saw memories that let her feel them so personally, so intimately, to the extent that she had just experienced.

Pressed against each other last night in the street, Kirsten had sensed a goodness in Stuart that had made her feel a spark between them. A connection with someone who was a good person. Now she knew how it felt for Kelly to be intimate with him.

No - it was more than that. She had become so much a part of the memories that Kirsten knew how it felt for her to be intimate with Stuart.

And then Kelly's body subsided.

"Breathing and heart rate are returning to normal," the technician called out.

She could feel Kelly's comfort - Kirsten realized it was also her own comfort - in being with Stuart. And it felt very good.

"Stretch, we're running out of time," Cameron said into her earpiece.

Kirsten took a long, deep breath. "OK...move me ahead in her memory," she said.

Cameron manipulated the controls.

"Something got Kelly's attention," Kirsten said. "She just sat up in bed. She's looking at the wall on the far side of the room."

"Fifteen seconds, Kirsten," Cameron said.

"Now she's waking up Stuart and pointing at the wall. There's confusion and apprehension on her face."

"Five seconds," Cameron said loudly into his headset. "Kirsten bounce now!"

Though Kirsten would be in someone else's memory and surroundings the keypad was always physically in the same place relative to her body in the tank. Entering the password on the keyboard is how she would get out - the technical term was bounce - of the dead person's memory. Kirsten's fingers played on the keyboard. The noise of the machines wound down as the lights came back up and Kirsten sat up in the tank.

"No drugs in the room and no dagger," she announced.

"They could have been hidden in a drawer," Fisher said.

"There was another presence in the room," Kirsten said. "I could sense it."

"Did you actually see anyone else?" Fisher asked.

"No...there wasn't enough time," Kirsten replied. "But I'm sure Kelly saw it. How soon can we stitch into her memory again?"

"Reset time is about eight hours," Cameron answered, "and then we can do a second stitch."

"There isn't going to be a second stitch," Maggie declared.

"What?!" Kirsten said, as she climbed down the steps from the water tank.

"Blair authorized only one stitch," Maggie said.

"No...I have to go in again," Kirsten said. "I have to find out what happened. I promised them that I wouldn't forget what they did for me last night."

"And you didn't forget," Maggie responded. "You stitched in and didn't find anything to contradict Fisher's findings."

"I told you that you wouldn't," Fisher said as he made his way down the walkway's stairs to the main floor.

"You said Kelly was a priority," Kirsten protested.

"Not any more. Get Richardson hooked up," Maggie ordered.

"Wait," Cameron said. "Kirsten needs time to recover before she does another stitch."

Maggie exhaled. She knew that Cameron was right. "Two hours," she announced and walked back into her office.

"Fisher," Kirsten called and hurried over to him. "Who is Piper Halliwell?"

"She was at the station and said she was a relative of Weston‛s," he answered.

"Is she still here?" Kirsten asked.

"She said she was going to get him a lawyer so I expect she's still in town," Fisher replied. "Why?"

"How can I reach her?" Kirsten asked, ignoring his question.

"Kirsten, don't go around looking for something to change this," Fisher said. "Weston killed Anderson. I know you don't want that to be true but it is."

"Don't get in my way, Fisher," Kirsten said, intensity in her voice. "Just give me her number."

Fisher stared at Kirsten for a few seconds, then took his pad out of his jacket pocket. He copied something on to a clean page, tore it out and gave it to her.

"Thank you," Kirsten said. "One more thing. What did the tox screen report say?"

"I just got an update on that," he said, taking out his cell phone. "They found elevated levels of...whatever these technical terms are, in both of them, consistent with the affects of drugs and of Weston‛s not being responsive. But...this is odd. Their tests for specific drugs came back negative. Every test they ran. They can't identify which drug they were high on." Fisher paused. "Must be a new one that we haven't seen yet."

"Or they weren't on any," Kirsten said. Fisher shook his head and walked towards the elevator.

Kirsten picked up the picture of the dagger that Fisher had shown her from the table where she had left it. Then she grabbed Camille and pulled her to the side as the glass case with Kelly's body was being moved out of the room.

"Don't let them take Kelly's body back to the morgue," Kirsten implored her.

"Why?" Camille asked. Besides being close because they worked together, she was also Kirsten's roommate. "Uh...never mind. I"ll find a magic wand to use to stop them."

"Thanks," Kirsten said. "And make sure Maggie doesn't know about it."

"Rrr...right," Camille replied. "I'll find two magic wands to use."

Kirsten got dressed and was standing by the elevator as its doors opened.

"Kirsten -" Cameron started to say.

"I'll be back for Richardson," she said as the elevator doors closed behind her.

Reaching the ground floor, Kirsten hurried outside where she could get a better connection.

"Piper Halliwell?" Kirsten said into her cell phone.

"Yes...who is this?" she asked.

"Kirsten Clark. I have to speak to you right now. Where can we meet?"

"What is this about?" Piper asked.

"Kelly Anderson and Stuart Weston," Kirsten replied.

"Who are you and how do you know that I have a connection to Kelly and Stuart?" Piper asked.

"I'm with the NSA," Kirsten replied, showing Piper her badge. "Tell me about what Kelly does?"

"She is..." Piper took a deep breath and sighed. "She was Assistant Curator at the de Young Museum in San Francisco," Piper replied.

"No, I don't mean her job. I mean what she did outside of her job," Kirsten said.

"Outside of her job? I don't know what you mean," Piper said.

"I have to get back to work and don't have time to play games," Kirsten said. "You and Kelly taught a class at the Gallagher Academy. It‛s a school for training girl agents."

"How do you know about that?" Piper asked, startled. The school‛s purpose was a deep secret. And that particular class had been so covert that only three members of the school's faculty even knew that it had existed.

"A class in how to make potions and defeat demons," Kirsten said.

"Potions? Demons?" Piper tried playing innocent. "My sister Phoebe is trying to get an attorney to help Stuart, which is what I should be doing with her. Instead, I'm here having this wild conversation with you about...demons."

Kirsten closed her eyes as she concentrated on one of the memories she had gotten from Kelly.

"Demon with exploding balls you shall forever vanish; From this world with this spell I hereby thee banish," Kirsten said.

Piper looked at her with shock. "How do you know that?" she demanded.

"That's what Kelly said last night to save me, while Stuart was sheltering me away from the...demon, with his own body," Kirsten replied. "I couldn't see nor hear what was happening. It was a demon who tried to kill me, wasn't it?" Piper stared at Kirsten, not knowing what to say.

"I know there was someone...or something in that hotel room with them last night when Kelly was killed," Kirsten said. "I'm going to find out who - or what - it was." She stood up and walked away.

Piper remained seated. She stared after Kirsten, exhaled then closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them she saw Jordanna coming towards her.

"I haven't heard a report back from the NSA," Jordanna said, sounding stressed.

"Apparently I just did," Piper said, and told over the conversation she had with Kirsten.

Jordanna exhaled. "It really is true. They really can do it. They really do have the technology."

"Do what? Tell me what's going on," Piper said. "How does Kirsten Clark know who, and what, we are? And why is the NSA involved in this?"

"This is extremely confidential and doesn't go any further than you," Jordanna said. "Only Prue knows about it." And she told Piper what she knew about the Stitchers Program.

"I have a critical meeting in my office late this afternoon," Jordanna said. "There's a helicopter waiting for me at the Coast Guard Air Station at LAX to take me back to San Francisco. I won't be here to push for a follow up."

"You won't have to," Piper said. "From the determination I just saw, Kirsten Clark is going to do that for you."

"Adelle is there," Kirsten said. "She was with Richardson that night. She's serving him his drink. There's a vial she just slipped into her pocket. Green with a red top. She put the poison in his drink. I'm bouncing."

Kirsten's fingers worked the miniature keyboard. She sat up in the water tank as the machines wound down and the lights came back up.

"Richardson was murdered," Kirsten said. "Adelle lied about not seeing him that night. Tell Fisher to search her house for a green vial with a red top. She poisoned him."

"Blair will be very happy to hear that," Maggie said from the walkway. "Good job everyone. Let's call it a day."

Kirsten went down the steps from the water tank and walked over to Camille, then took her roommate aside.

"I told the morgue attendant that as the NSA sent the body to us, we can't release it until we get form N-14765X from them," Camille said quietly to Kirsten. "And the form hasn't come yet."

"Wait - what is form N-14765X?" Kirsten asked.

"It's the form I made up," Camille replied. "Kelly's body is hidden behind some cartons in the storage room with a lot of ice packs on her. I told Maggie her body was taken care of. I just didn't tell her how."

"Camille - thank you!" Kirsten said.

Camille shrugged her shoulders. "What are friends for if not come up with big, innovative lies," she said. She looked into Kirsten eyes. "You're going to do another stitch."

"I have to," Kirsten replied. "If I don't I won't just be breaking part of my promise. I'd be breaking part of myself."

"If you don't do what?" Cameron asked. He had quietly walked over to them, then looked back and forth between them. And he understood.

"You want to do a stitch tonight?" Cameron asked.

"After Maggie's gone. I'm coming back around 7:30," Kirsten said.

"You need me to run the controls," Cameron said.

"Theoretically I can run them...along with controlling the mind map communications and monitoring the medical station," Camille said with resignation.

"You know as soon as we're here the silent alarm will go off in Maggie's house," Cameron reminded them. "It takes her seventeen minutes to get here which won't give you much time. And when she does get here she'll be furious."

"Hasn't there ever been someone in your life who did something way beyond what you could expect to be done for you?" Kirsten asked. "Someone who took a big personal risk doing that for you? Someone you owed - yourself? Your life? That's what Kelly and Stuart did for me. And that's how I feel about them. I can't not do this."

Cameron was silent for a moment. Then exhaled. "Yes...there has been someone like that." He nodded his head. "I'll be here."

"Thank you, Cameron," Kirsten said.

"Good. That means I'll only have to run back and forth between the mind map communication station and the medical station," Camille said. "I guess I could use the exercise."

"What exercise?" Linus asked, having come up behind Camille. "What are you guys up to over here?"

Camille looked at Kirsten and Cameron. "It's better for you Linus if you don't know," she said.

"What? Why?" Linus said. "If you guys are doing something I should be part of it."

"Not part of this," Kirsten said.

Linus looked at each of them. "No way! You're going to come back tonight and stitch into Anderson? Seriously?"

Camille nodded her head.

Linus thought for a few seconds. "I understand why you need to do this, Kirsten," he said. "I'm part of this team. I'm in."

Everyone had arrived together at the scheduled time. Kirsten quickly changed into her catsuit as Camille and Cameron rolled the case with Kelly's body onto the main floor.

"The clock is ticking," Cameron reminded them as they hooked up Kelly's body to the machines.

Linus started up the mind communication station as Kirsten went up the steps to the water tank. Cameron rushed over to his controls. "Lights at twenty percent. Clock is set to five minutes. I hope we have that much time before Maggie shows up," he added.

"I need go no-go for stitch. Medical?" he asked and Camille replied "Go."

"Mind map communications?" he asked and Linus replied "Go".

"Comm check - are you ready for this, Kirsten?" he asked with some worry. "Yes - go," Kirsten replied.

"Induce stitch no-sync on my mark," he said. "Three, two, one - mark!" He began to move the hand grip controls.

"OK - I'm in a ballpark," Kirsten said, surprised. "Kelly is here with Piper Halliwell. Stuart is a few rows in front of her. It's...the World Series." She looked down at a scorecard and stared in disbelief at the date on it.

"I'm in a different memory," Kirsten said. "I'm in a room. Kelly is here with another young woman.

"I'm Peggy Carter...agent with the Strategic Science is May 17th, 1947," the woman said.

"I'm from 2000....I used a spell to come here...I'm a witch," Kelly said.

"This isn't the hotel room. Move me further up in time," Kirsten said.

"I'll put you at two minutes before time of death," Cameron replied and moved the controls.

"OK - I'm in their room," Kirsten said.

"Are they still...together?" Cameron asked.

"No...this is afterwards," Kirsten replied. "The same memory I was in before. Kelly is sitting up and looking towards the far wall. She's waking up Stuart again." Kirsten turned and looked at the wall.

"Who are you?" Kelly asked. Kirsten saw a large, older woman with long strands of unruly gray hair standing at the wall.

"Tremayne," the woman said. Kirsten saw Tremayne disappear. And now Stuart was sitting very straight up on the bed but not moving. He was staring straight ahead but Kirsten could tell he wasn't seeing anything.

"You're a demon," Kelly said. "Where are you?"

After ten seconds Tremayne re-appeared, standing next to Stuart. Kelly started to say some words and Tremayne laughed.

"Better witches than you have tried to vanquish me," Tremayne said. "None have succeeded. A few of them are even dead. As you will shortly be." She moved closer to Kelly,

"That was my son you vanquished tonight," Tremayne said. "For that I will kill you, witch. With my very special dagger."

Kirsten saw a dagger suddenly appear in Tremayne's hand. It was the murder weapon she had seen in Fisher's photograph. The hilt began to glow an orange-yellow color.

"I'll make everyone think your human friend killed you," Tremayne continued. "And he'll suffer in jail for it for the rest of his life."

Kirsten saw Tremayne disappear again. And then everything became a beige colored fog. Kirsten felt she was in a daze. The fog around her was moving ever so slightly, like molasses slowly dripping from a jar. She couldn't move. She couldn't speak. And she couldn't think.

"Kirsten what's happening?" Cameron said.

She heard the sound of his voice but his words didn't register. Nothing did. Just the slowly moving beige-colored fog. Such a bright fog. She just wanted to let it keep enveloping her.

"Kirsten talk to me!" Cameron shouted.

But she couldn't do anything except let the fog keep drawing her in.

"There's something wrong with that memory," Linus said.

"I can't move her out of it," Cameron said.

"Kirsten is stuck in it," Linus said. "If I wouldn't have been rushed this morning when I made the memory map I would have found this before the first stitch."

"Kirsten there's twenty seconds to time of death," Cameron shouted. "You don't belong there. You're not Kelly Anderson. You're Kirsten Clark. Listen to me - YOU'RE KIRSTEN CLARK! KIRSTEN CLARK!"

The repetition of her name began to slice through the daze. She started to partially come out of it.

"BOUNCE KIRSTEN! BOUNCE NOW!" Cameron shouted again.

The words clicked inside of her. Her hands slowly reached for the keyboard and she entered the password.

She slowly sat up in the tank. The machines stopped and the lights came back up. Cameron yanked off his headset. "Talk to me, Kirsten," he said as he ran towards the tank. "Are you all right?"

Kirsten took a deep breath, then turned to her friends. "I know what happened. I know who killed Kelly. But Fisher won't believe me. I'll have to figure out how to explain -"

"How to explain what you're all doing here!" Maggie said, cutting Kirsten off as she came off the elevator and walked towards the center of the room. "Who gave you permission to do this?!" she demanded. She was fuming.

"It's not Kirsten's fault - we all -" Cameron started to say.

"No! It's my fault alone," Kirsten said as she got out of the water tank. "I had to do this."

"You don't run the Stitchers Program and you don't make the decisions about what's done here!" Maggie said. "That's my job and you work for me."

"Then maybe I don't work for you anymore," Kirsten said. She hurried off before Maggie could say anything else to her.

Maggie turned around and stared at Linus, Camille and Cameron.

"Kirsten cares about people," Cameron said. "When she feels she has to help someone, she commits every part of herself to doing that. That's what makes Kirsten special. That's what makes Kirsten who she is. And that's what makes Kirsten the right person to make the stitches. And why you chose her."

Maggie stood there for a moment, still staring at the three of them. Then she took a deep breath. "Close everything down for the night. We'll continue this discussion in the morning."

"Piper Halliwell, this is Kirsten Clark," she said into her cell phone. "I have to see you right now."

"Not now. I'm on my way with my sister to get the lawyer we hired and bring him down to the jail to meet with Stuart," Piper said.

"Your sister can go by herself to the lawyer," Kirsten said firmly. "You don't have an option. This can't wait. We have to meet right now!"

Piper hesitated, then exhaled. "My hotel lobby."

"I'll be there in ten minutes," Kirsten said and hung up.

"What is more important than my being with Stuart's lawyer?" Piper asked. Her face was drawn and tired from the day's stress.

"The truth," Kirsten replied. "Tremayne." Piper looked at her blankly.

"You don't recognize the name?" Kirsten asked.

"No. Should I?" Piper asked.

"The demon Tremayne," Kirsten said.

"Demon?" Piper repeated.

"The demon who killed Kelly," Kirsten said. "Tremayne did something first to Stuart then to Kelly's mind, leaving her completely dazed so she could easily kill her."

"What?!" Piper said.

"Here, look at this," Kirsten said, taking the photograph of the murder weapon from her pocket. "With the blade point down it looks like a dagger with some simple ornament on the hilt's crosspiece. The quillons - those are the two ends of the crosspiece - point up at ninety degrees, rather than being level or pointing down. That‛s odd but not in itself remarkable." Kirsten turned the picture around so that the dagger point was facing up instead of down "Now look at it. Look at the hilt and the crosspiece. What do you see?"

Piper stared at the photograph for a few seconds. The quillons of the hilt's crosspiece were now pointing down at ninety degrees. Together with the unusually narrow handle, it was clear to her what she saw.

"It's a letter 'T'," she said.

"'T' for Tremayne's personal dagger," Kirsten said.

Piper leaned back and exhaled. "How is this going to help us save Stuart?" she asked.

"It will. Stuart and Kelly," Kirsten replied.

"Kelly? It's too late to help her," Piper said, trying to hold back tears.

"Listen to me," Kirsten said, taking hold of Piper's arms and shaking them firmly. "I learned things today that I never believed were possible. About who you are. And about what you can do. If anyone should be overwhelmed by all of this it's me.

"But I won't let it. I won't let all of this cloud my thinking. I know how you can save Stuart and Kelly. And so do you."

"I...I don't understand," Piper said.

"I saw the memories," Kirsten said. "You and Kelly at the World Series. I saw the scorecard. It was in 1955! The memory of Kelly and Peggy Carter together in 1947! You have the power to use a spell to go back in time. To go back to last night when Tremayne came to kill Kelly. And stop her."

Piper was too tired to try to deny anything Kirsten had said. She just shook her head. "I never heard of Tremayne. There are tremendous risks in trying to change what‛s already happened. And I can't stop her. I don't have a spell to vanquish her."

"Call your sister Prue," Kirsten said. "Tell her to look through your Book of Shadows and find a spell."

Piper was startled at Kirsten's mention of her sister, who's name she hadn't told her. And more so that she knew about the Book of Shadows. But after everything else Kirsten had said to her in the past few minutes she just exhaled and accepted it.

"Call her now. You can do this and save them," Kirsten said.

Jordanna came into the Manor's living room as Prue was putting down the phone.

"I came here straight from my meeting at CGIS Headquarters," Jordanna said. "Have you heard anything?"

"That was Piper on the phone," Prue said, and told Jordanna everything Piper had told her.

"I also never heard of Tremayne," Prue said. "I'll have to go through the whole Book of Shadows looking for her. And hope that she's in there. That can take all night. And the longer we wait to try to go back in time, the more things will have changed, and the more risks there'll be in resetting the timeline and undoing those changes."

Prue exhaled. "You'll have to help me look through the Book of Shadows," Prue said.

"I'll help you," Jordanna said, "but in a faster way. Come on."

Margie Amsel sat propped up in her bed. The lights in the room were arranged to make it easier for her to read. She was halfway through her book "George Washington and the Culper Spy Ring" when she heard noise outside her room.

"Jorri darling," she said as Jordanna came into the room.

"Hi Mom," Jordanna said, walking over to her mother and giving her a kiss on her cheek. Margie put down her book, then saw who else had come into the room.

"Prue! What a nice surprise," Margie said. "It's so good to see you."

"And good to see you, Mrs. Amsel," Prue replied.

"Mom - we need your help," Jordanna said pulling up a chair next to her mother's bed. "And it's urgent."

"What's wrong?" Margie asked, concern on her face as she looked back and forth at each of them.

"Do you know about a demon Tremayne?" Jordanna asked. Margie's expression became serious.

"Yes - I do," she replied, a hardness in her voice.

"We need a spell to use on her," Jordanna said. "I'm sure that if one exists you'll know it."

"Tell me what's going on," Margie said. Jordanna told her everything that had happened.

Margie took a deep breath. "Tremayne is not an ordinary demon," she began. "Oh, she once was but her powers grew and she elevated herself into a high position in the demonic hierarchy. For a while she would show up from time to time when demons were being vanquished and they pleaded for a more powerful demon who could stand up to - and kill - the witches doing the vanquishing. Something she did all too successfully." A tinge of sadness crept into Margie's voice.

"We've vanquished many demons, especially using the Power of Three, but we haven't run into her," Prue said. "Until now."

"That‛s because after a while she restricted herself to devising and directing plans for greater devastation," Margie explained. "Identifying targets for demons to kill, fostering alliances between demons and other evil beings, training demons and warlocks in how to ingratiate themselves in society to be accepted, thus being in positions to cause more death and destruction.

"She deigned to personally come after Kelly only because it was personal. Because Kelly vanquished her son."

"Are you saying that...that we can't defeat her?" Jordanna asked.

"Not in the usual way," Margie replied. "Tremayne's power is to insert herself inside someone. Literally. Once inside the witch's body, she immobilizes the brain, which results in immediately rendering the witch completely helpless. Then she gets out.

"Now she has a witch incapable of saying a spell or even moving her body to do anything to protect herself. A completely incapacitated, helpless witch. Then she kills her with her personal dagger. She can insert herself the same way into normal humans."

"Kirsten told Piper that Kelly's mind was completely dazed," Jordanna said, "after Tremayne had first done something to Stuart."

"And when the police found Stuart he neither moved nor spoke," Prue said.

"Tremayne inserted herself inside Stuart first and immobilized him," Margie said, "probably to distract Kelly by making her see Stuart become incapacitated."

"You said there is something we could do," Prue said.

" theory," Margie replied. "Your mother and I spoke about it a few times. We believed we had come up with a way to stop her."

"How?" Jordanna asked.

"A witch using a spell inserts herself into Tremayne's target before Tremayne can," Margie said. "As someone is already inside the target, when Tremayne tries to insert herself she can't take over the body. But at that instant when she changes and tries to insert herself, the witch inside the body can attach herself to Tremayne, just enough to hold her back in her physical form and delay her from disappearing. If the witch says the spell quickly before Tremayne can break free of the hold, the spell will turn Tremayne's dagger on her to stab her. It wouldn't vanquish her - we knew she's too strong for that - but it would send her to another dimension."

"And keep her there?" Prue asked.

"We believed it would, at least for a while," Margie answered. "Eventually Tremayne would be strong enough to break out of that dimension but we felt it would take her a long time to do that."

Shortly after The Elders had made Charmed part of the real world and made Shannen Doherty into a real Prue Halliwell, her feelings about Patty Halliwell as her mother had started to grow inside of her. By now she felt a very strong connection to her.

And she trusted her.

"You and my mother came up with this together," Prue said. "Then it'll work - and we have to do it. We have to go back in time and stop her."

"Yes, we do. Do you know precisely when this happened?" Margie asked.

"Kirsten gave Piper the time of death," Prue answered

"We know when to be there. But in this case there are two bodies that have to be protected," Margie said.

"I can jump between Stuart and Kelly," Prue said.

"Not quickly enough," Margie said. "As soon as Tremayne realizes she can't insert herself into Stuart, she won't know why but she'll likely not wait to find out. She'll immediately go to Kelly, before you have a chance to attach yourself to her. She can definitely insert herself before you could jump to Kelly. No - this requires a second witch."

"We'll get Piper or Phoebe," Prue replied.

"You're going to use the time travel spell. She would have to be here with you so that you arrive exactly together," Margie countered. "They're not here." Margie paused. "But I am."

"What? No!" Jordanna said.

"I don't have to be able to walk around there, just to be in the room to say the spells," Margie answered.

"Mom - it's been years since you..."

"Since I took on a demon," Margie finished Jordanna's protest. "My mind is fine, Jorri. I remember everything and I still know how to use my powers. And since I got my mind back I've wanted to do something to save good people and defeat evil. And now I can."

Margie saw the look of fear on Jordanna's face. The fear she felt of her mother being hurt again - or worse. Margie turned and stared at her book that was lying on the bed. After about five seconds an identical book appeared in Margie's hand.

Jordanna stared at the second book. "Your power of replication, Mom. You haven't used that since..."

Margie gave a small smile. "And I still have it. Just like I still have the rest of my powers, darling."

"Kelly has that same replication power as you do, Mrs. Amsel," Prue said.

"Then it will be fitting that I insert myself into her body," Margie said. "You'll insert yourself into Stuart's body, Prue."

"When can we do this?" Prue asked.

"As soon as I teach you the spell for insertion and the spell to use on Tremayne," Margie replied.

"What about the timeline changes?" Jordanna asked. "Stuart can't ever know that he was there when Kelly was killed and he didn't protect her. He wouldn't be able to live with that knowledge."

"Normal people don't remember things from a changed timeline," Margie said.

"But witches do," Prue said.

"Sometimes a timeline change is so great, and goes back so far, that even a witch doesn't remember what had been there before," Margie replied. "That's happened but it's unusual. Normally she'll remember everything."

"Then Kelly will remember and will have to go around with that secret inside of her and not tell Stuart," Prue said. "That's too much of a burden for her."

Margie looked at her daughter and at Prue for a long moment. Then she took a deep breath.

"There is a spell to remove a witch's memory of some things," Margie said. "You won't find it in the Book of Shadows. It's a very dangerous spell, too dangerous to be generally known. Witches' memories of what's happened are very important and must be protected.

"This spell is handed down orally only through selected witches in each generation. Penny knew it and passed it on to me."

Penny was Patty Halliwell's mother. And with Charmed having been made real, she was Prue's grandmother "Grams".

"Wow!" Prue exclaimed. "Penny...uh, Grams must have really trusted you to give it over to you, Mrs. Amsel."

"I've never used it but I agree its right to use it now," Margie said.

Jordanna sighed. "I'm not going to remember what you're going to do. And that you still can use your powers."

"I'd like you to remember that, Jorri, so you wouldn't worry so much about me," Mrs. Amsel said. "But what's important is that I can, and will, use them.

"Kirsten said Tremayne's appearance woke them up," Prue added.

"That's very good," Margie said. "We'll insert ourselves inside of them while they're sleeping so that even with the new timeline they won't know that we had even been there. Now listen carefully, Prue. These are the two spells."

Prue's was holding up Margie as best she could, though in truth it was quite difficult. Not that Margie was heavy, quite the opposite, but Prue was supporting all of her weight. She looked at Kelly and Stuart, sleeping peacefully holding each other, wishing that come morning they still would be.

Margie looked at the clock on the nighttable. Two minutes to the time of death. "Now," she whispered in Prue's ear. Prue concentrated on Stuart and Margie concentrated on Kelly as together they began to whisper the spell.

   "In this time and in this space
    This consciousness I hereby displace;
    Hide it deep now that I've begun
    Keep it safe until I'm done."

Prue and Margie disappeared. Prue felt she was herself - but not herself. It was a weird feeling. She couldn't see anything and opened her eyes. But they weren't her eyes that opened. They were Stuart's. She moved her head to look down at herself. It was Stuart's head that moved. And it was Stuart's naked body that she saw. She wasn't sure that she was comfortable seeing it.

Margie moved Kelly's arms away from Stuart as she saw Prue - in Stuart's body - start to sit up. There was a small nod of Kelly's head. Prue nodded Stuart's head in confirmation.

They both looked to the far wall in expectation of what was coming. In a few seconds an image started to form. A large, older woman with long strands of unruly gray hair.

"Who are you?" Margie in Kelly's voice asked. The plan was to act surprised and un-nerved at Tremayne's sudden appearance, so as not give away that they were expecting her.

"Tremayne," the demon replied. She was suddenly tightly up against Stuart's body, became translucent for two seconds, then re-appeared as she had been. Her quickness in trying to insert herself into Stuart, without saying anything else, and then immediately backing out, had been too fast for Prue to react and grab her.

Tremayne backed away, giving Stuart an odd look, but then turned her attention to Kelly.

"That was my son you vanquished tonight," the demon said. "For that I will kill you, witch. With my very special dagger."

Through Stuart, Prue saw that Tremayne was seething. There was literally murder in the demon's eyes and her dagger appeared in her hand.

Suddenly she was up against Kelly's body. And translucent once again. Prue could see Tremayne now fighting to pull away, as she had easily done from Stuart's body. But Margie, inside Kelly's body, was using all of her strength and wasn't letting her go.

And then she heard Margie speak in Kelly's voice:

   "Concentrate, all my powers of good, as I call your attention
    To dispatch this demon to another dimension;
    Let her dagger of death be reversed for this task
    Let it tear her evil being from this plane, I hereby ask."

Prue saw Tremayne fall back from Kelly's body. She changed back from her translucent manifestation to her original appearance. As did the dagger. But it was no longer in her hand.

The dagger was floating in the air. Its blade turned around, the point aimed at Tremayne. The hilt of the dagger glowed an orange-yellow color.

"No!" Tremayne shouted as the dagger went straight into her chest. Then her whole body glowed in that same orange-yellow color. And then she was gone.

Through Stuart, Prue stared for a few seconds at where Tremayne had been. Then she turned back to Margie in Kelly's body.

"It worked," Prue said in Stuart's voice said with a touch of amazement. "It worked!" his voice repeated, this time with jubilance.

"Your mother was a very good, and very smart, witch," Kelly's voice said.

"You did it together," Prue said in Stuart's voice.

"Yes, we did, didn't we," Margie replied in Kelly's voice. "It was my privilege to know Patty Halliwell. And to be her friend."

Prue helped Margie Amsel into her bed. As soon as they returned, Margie had said the spell to remove Kelly‛s memory of Tremayne and that timeline.

Prue picked up Margie's book about George Washington and put it next to her. Then she looked around for the copy Margie had replicated.

"The second copy is gone," Prue said.

"The timeline's been reset so I never replicated it to prove to Jorri that I still had my powers," Margie said. "It felt so good to defeat evil again, and to save Stuart and Kelly at the same time. You know that feeling, Prue. Every time you use your Charmed Ones' powers for good."

"I do, Mrs. Amsel," Prue replied. "I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do it again with you."

"Hi mom," Jordanna said as she came into the bedroom. "Prue - what are you doing here?" she asked as she walked over to her mother and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

"I haven't seen your mother in a while and I just dropped by to say hello," Prue said. With the timeline reset and her being a normal person, Jordanna doesn't remember anything, Prue thought. That's not right. She worries about her mother and she needs to know that her mother can still use her powers. But I know that Margie won't tell her.

"I was just leaving," Prue said. "Walk me out, Jordanna."

"Sure," Jordanna replied. "I'll be right back, Mom."

Prue walked with Jordanna to the front door, then turned to her.

Jordanna wouldn't tell me the confidential details about that joint CGIS-NSA Task Force, Prue thought, just the critical part that I had to know. "I know that you're good at keeping confidential secrets," she said to Jordanna.

"Of course I am. That goes with my job," Jordanna replied.

"Now I'm going to tell you a confidential secret that you can't tell anyone," Prue said. "I‛ll tell you just the part you need to know so don‛t ask me for any of the details. Agreed?"

"OK - you have my word," Jordanna replied, clearly intrigued.

"Let's take a walk," Prue said as she led Jordanna outside of the house.

"I didn't just drop by now to see your mother," Prue began.

Kirsten finished her breakfast coffee and put the mug down on the table. Things didn't seem to be quite right but she couldn't put her finger on what was wrong. Then an image came into her mind. Cameron being concerned about something. About her. But there weren't any images that connected to it. Just that one memory of Cameron.

Then another memory. Something had happened with a stitch. Something...about Maggie being upset. Kirsten grabbed her things and hurried out the door.

As Kirsten came off of the elevator Cameron was walking by.

"Is Maggie...still on the warpath?" Kirsten asked, though she still didn't know why she would be.

"The warpath?" Cameron asked. "About what?"

"About...yesterday," Kirsten said, uncertainly.

Cameron shrugged his shoulders. "Everything was fine yesterday," he said. "Are you feeling OK, Stretch?"

"Uh...never mind," Kirsten replied, feeling confused. " left before I was even up this morning."

"I have so much to follow up on with Dennis and I wanted to get a jump on all of it," Camille answered.

"Dennis?" Kirsten asked.

"Dennis Brown...the VP of Cartographic Creations you stitched into yesterday," Camille replied. She gave Kirsten an odd look.

"Yesterday," Kirsten repeated. An image of a young, blond woman in the glass case came into her mind. Then a fragment of an image of that same woman with a man.

"We stitched into...Richardson yesterday," Kirsten said slowly.

" the morning," Camille replied, concern for Kirsten in her voice. "And then we stitched into Dennis in the afternoon. You gave me all of this information about the two people who were angry and jealous about his being promoted over them." Camille held out the folder in her hand to remind Kirsten.

Kirsten felt something in her jacket pocket. She put her hand inside it and pulled out what was there. She stared at the shards of black plastic in her hand. That brought more images and voices into Kirsten's mind. A black garbage container, a man shielding her and a blond young woman asking if she was all right. And those memories were beginning to become connected.

"I need to look something up," Kirsten said, abruptly hurrying over to one of the computers. She quickly went through a couple of screens until she found the phone number she wanted. "I...I have to go," she said and rushed to the elevator.

"What's wrong?" Camille called after her.

"I'll be back later," is all Kirsten replied as she stepped into the elevator.

In the street, Kirsten took out her cell phone and dialed the phone number she had looked up.

"Good morning, Holiday Inn Express," the female voice on the other end said. "How may I direct your call?"

"Do you have a guest...uh, they're together," Kirsten said. "Kelly Anderson and Stuart Weston?"

"One moment," the voice on the other end said. Kirsten heard a phone ringing. On the fifth ring someone picked it up.

"I got it, Kelly," a man's voice said to someone in the room. "Hello?" he said.

Kirsten recognized the man's voice. And he had said something to "Kelly". "Hello?" the man said again. Kirsten hung up. More memories came to her. Some were disjointed. But some were getting connected.

Piper Halliwell walked into the hotel's small lobby and sat down. Her sister Phoebe was at the front desk, checking them out of their room.

"Piper," a voice behind her said. She turned and looked up.

"Piper...Halliwell," Kirsten said with a slight hesitation.

"Do I know you?" Piper asked, feigning innocence.

"Of course...of course you do," Kirsten said, with more assurance. "We met here twice."

"We...met?" Piper repeated with a questioning look, trying to imply that they had not.

"About what happened to Kelly and Stuart," Kirsten said.

"You remember that?" Piper asked, startled.

"The memories are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle," Kirsten said. "I've been seeing them all morning but I didn't know where or how they fit. But they're coming together now."

"Sit down," Piper said warily.

"You did it," Kirsten said. "You or...or your sister Prue used your powers."

"Shhh!" Piper said.

"You went back in time. You found a way to stop Tremayne," Kirsten said. "You saved Stuart and Kelly."

Piper stared at Kirsten. "How can you know that? The timeline was reset. You can't remember that other timeline."

"I have a condition called Temporal Dysplasia," Kirsten said. "I don't perceive time the way normal people do. I don't feel the passage of time the way you do. It affects me differently. The condition makes me suited for stitching into someone's memories and not getting confused by the different times I pass through in it."

Piper exhaled. "And because of that condition can remember everything that happened in the original timeline? Everything that now...never happened?"

Kirsten gave a shrug and a nod of her head.

"Kelly and Stuart are, they are family," Piper said. "And with your...stitching, you saved mine. You saved my family. Thank you."

"In stitching I try to get justice and the truth for the dead," Kirsten said. "This time I was able to do much more than that. It's's a good feeling."

"Kelly and Stuart have no memory of what Tremayne did to them," Piper said. "For their well being, it has to stay that way."

"It will," Kirsten assured her with a small smile, then began to get up.

"Kirsten, wait. This is very important," Piper said and Kirsten sat back down. "You can't tell anyone about who we are, about -"

"What you, your sisters and Kelly can do," Kirsten said, finishing what Piper was going to say. "I know that." Kirsten thought back to what the boy with the red cap in her stitch had told her. "And I won't, I promise. And you know now that I keep my promise. Just as I did with Kelly and Stuart."

Stuart and Kelly were about to walk out of the Holiday Inn's lobby when they saw someone approach them.

"Good morning," Kirsten said. A great feeling of relief went through her as she saw them alive and well.

"Good morning," they answered in return. "'re Kirsten," Kelly said, recognizing her. "Are you all right? Was there another attack on you?" she asked with concern.

"No, I'm fine," Kirsten replied. "I've come to believe that you were right and that I'm safe now. How have you been?"

"We've been having a very nice time here," Kelly replied.

I know that now you have been, now that the evil that attacked you was eliminated, Kirsten thought, looking at them.

"We're going out for brunch," Stuart said. "Please join us."

"Yes, please do," Kelly added.

Kelly has powers she uses to fight demons, Kirsten thought. And Stuart is without any powers but fights them with her, anyway. Two special selfless people who help others. Happy and in love, as they should be.

"Thank you," Kirsten said. "I'd love to."

"Shall we," Stuart said. As they started towards the lobby exit, to Stuart's surprise, Kirsten walked over between him and Kelly. She hooked her left arm around Stuart's arm, her right arm around Kelly's arm and smiled.

It looks like we've made a new friend, Stuart thought. And for some reason I just have a feeling...a true and dedicated friend.

~ Author's Notes ~

Information about Kirsten's temporal dysplasia condition can be found at Temporal Dysplasia.

Kelly's memories that Kirsten stitched into were from earlier stories: You Only Love Twice, Kelly & Rose, CGIS: San Francisco, The Spy Who Charmed Me and The Lady and the Diamonds.

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