Charmed Role Reversal


For eight seasons, the Halliwells, and the actresses who portrayed them, held the attention of many people. Never getting the proper promotion, nor the appropriate coverage by the press, nor the slightest recognition at Emmy time, Charmed nevertheless developed a substantial, loyal and enthusiastic following.

People recognized the show’s qualities: initially of its concept, often of its writing, always of its acting. And of its characters, whom underneath it all were really normal, everyday people trying to lead normal lives. Just as we do. Which made them realistic and believable. And that, in turn, allowed us to recognize, relate to and accept the relationships and events portrayed.

Though Charmed is out of production, their episodes are available to be watched again and new stories continue to be written. These will help keep Charmed and its characters vibrant and thus viable. To that end, Charmed Role Reversal is my small contribution.

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