Charmed Role Reversal

Peaked Interest

“It's funny," Stuart said as he drove the car. "It would seem logical that it would be easier for me to find the street when there's daylight. But as I've only driven there at night, it's really easier for me to recognize it in the dark. I hope."

"I'll try to get a premonition of where to turn," Phoebe said laughing.

It was less than a fifteen minute drive from The Manor and they had waited until the evening sky turned dark before starting out.

Stuart found the road and turned onto it. Winding quickly upwards and almost pitch black, he slowed down as he went around its curves. After a minute they pulled into a small parking lot on the summit.

"The Twin Peaks," Stuart announced. "The tallest spot in San Francisco. And there, below us, the lights of the city."

They got out of the car and made their way to the edge of the peak. The red warning lights on the broadcast towers to their left, sitting atop the summit, flashed on and off in the darkness.

"It's a beautiful view," Phoebe said. They stared down at the glittering lights for a while as the wind started kicking up.

"It's usually like this," Stuart said. He turned Phoebe around to him and zipped up her jacket.

"I can think of a better way to keep warm," she said, taking his hands and pulling them behind her back. She threw her arms around him, smiled at him with her eyes, and gave him a small kiss.

“Happiness is when you're here with me,” he said. “Look in my heart and see all the love that's waiting for ya.”

“Nice lines,” she said to him with a curious look.

“They should be,” he said. “They’re from your record album.”

“’s good to know that at least somebody in America listened to it,” she said, chuckling. She pulled him to her and gently kissed him again. Then she withdrew her hands and turned halfway around so that she could look down at the city with him behind her and his arms around her.

"Just a few weeks ago, I could never have imagined, never would have dared imagine, being here with you, like this," he said. 

"And to think we have a demon to thank for it," she said.

Click speaker for Opening Credits Theme Song

"Huh?" he said.

"If the Frubos wouldn't have tried to run me over, I wouldn't have been holding you when the yellow light brought me here. We never would have gotten together."

Stuart was silent for a moment.  "I wish we could stay here forever. In San Francisco, with you being Phoebe."

"We don't belong here, at least not forever," she said. "We have other lives to return to. And besides - you said you feel the same way about me when I'm just Alyssa."

"Of course I do," he said. "I..." He stopped. He was about to say 'I love you'. Don't use those words, he thought; that will put pressure on her again. "My feelings for you are for who you really are. But here, when you're Phoebe, I have..." He stopped again, exhaled, then hesitated. "Here I have a chance with you. I'm afraid of what will happen when we go back to LA. I don't fit in Alyssa's life. You'll have all of the men you knew before we came here. And all the men you're going to meet.

"You're a TV star. You move in a world of actors and celebrities. Where the men are tall and handsome, part of your Hollywood circle and lifestyle. I know how ordinary I am. I know...I can't compete with them."

Phoebe turned around and looked into his eyes.

"You need to have faith in yourself," she said. "In who you your mind and in your heart.  That means a lot more than a handsome face with little behind it.

"And you need to have faith in me. Since I've been here, I've managed to get past being swayed by appearances. They can't sustain a relationship. It's only what's inside that makes a relationaship work and makes it worth having.

"And it's what's inside you...your feelings, your perspective on love, your sensitivity - and your sincerity. That's what attracts me to you. And they would still be important to me in LA."

"I guess...I still can't believe that...I'm really here with you," he said.

She drew him closer and kissed him. "Does that help you believe?" He nodded his head

"There must be a spell on me," he said. "In LA, as an ordinary person, I'd never get to meet you. I'd never get the chance to let you...get to know me."

"If there is a spell then it's on me," she said. "To make me realize that I need to look beyond where I always have. To give myself a chance to see if maybe...maybe I can find what I'm looking for in a relationship with someone that...before this I wouldn't have thought I could."

And maybe make that relationship commitment that you also didn't think that you could make, he thought to himself.

He took her hands in his and realized how cold they were.

"You're getting cold," he said. "Come, we can get almost the same view from inside the car."

As they sat down inside, Stuart turned the key in the ignition and reached into the armrest.

"What's that?" she asked.

"I know it's not your type of music," he said as he slipped the CD into the player.

Strangers in the night, exchanging glances
    Wond'ring in the night, what were the chances
    We'd be sharing love, before the night was through

"You're right," Phoebe said. “It’s not.”

"But give it a chance to set the mood," he said.

"What mood would that be?" she asked.

"The mood for being with someone special," he said. "Someone with whom every moment I have is a cherished privilege. Someone on whose face I'm always trying to put a smile.

"And someone who can open her heart to me," he said, "and trust that I'll never hurt it."

Phoebe stared intensely into Stuart's eyes. His words had hit a nerve, had made her pause and think. Really think.

She seemed to be looking inside of him. Or, she thought...was she really looking inside of herself?

"Let's see what's on the next track," she said, to get her mind off of it. She pushed the button and Toni James began singing When I fall in Love.

When I fall in love
    It will be forever
    Or I'll never fall in love

Well this song didn't help me, Phoebe thought. She turned, trying to ignore the lyrics, and looked down at the shining lights of San Francisco.

"The Twin Peaks is such a peaceful place to come to just to think," she said, more to herself than to Stuart. To get away from the stress and danger that are now our lives, she thought. a small refuge from it all. "You're so removed from the city below. I really need to come up here again."

"I'm free tomorrow night," Stuart said, smiling. "Unless you've got plans to vanquish some demon, then."

"Not unless we get any better at finding them," she said. "Or they find us first. They're good at that," she added, turning serious.

She continued looking down at the city's lights, then exhaled.

"Three girls are dead," she said. "And somewhere down there is the demon who killed them. And...will likely try to kill someone again. And we don't even know who he is, let alone how to stop him."

She became quiet, just staring at the city below them.

"Maybe it would be good if he did find us," she said. after a moment. "Then...maybe we could stop him."

Stuart leaned over and put his arm around her.

"On Charmed you always managed to find a way to stop the demons." he said. "The Elders made your characters real because they knew that you would do the same thing in the real world.." He gave her a supportive squeeze.

"They would have done better to bring Connie Burge and Brad Kern along with us," she replied. "The show's scripts are real, now. They could have written a new Charmed script where we find this demon, quickly. Before any more girls are killed."

"Yes...that would have been neat and simple," Stuart said. "But the real world doesn't work that way. Only Charmed's episodes that already happened have become real. The only new scrpits that we have now to work with are the episodes on The Demon Dimension."

"That show only tells us what The Elders already know," Phoebe countered. "And they don't know any more about this demon than we do."

"But you will - we will - find him," he said. "Together."

"I wish I had some of your confidence," she said.

Stuart drew her closer to him and gave her a gentle kiss.

"There, I just gave you some," he said.

The CD switched to the next track and Tony Bennett started to sing.

I left my heart, in San Francisco     Click playbutton to hear the music playing while you read
    High on a hill, it calls to me.

"I suppose that's a fitting song for being up here," Phoebe said. "We are high on a hill, looking down at San Francisco."

She looked at Stuart for a moment, thinking silently.

To be where little cable cars...climb halfway to the stars
    The morning fog may chill the air, I don't care

"Tomorrow would be nice to come here again," she said, forcing herself to give him a small smile. She had become somber thinking about that demon and the murdered girls. Now she tried to restore the gay frame of mind she had been in earlier.

"But I won't have the time," she said and sighed.

"I'm going over to Lorna Palmer's house, tomorrow. She lives two blocks from The Manor. I met her in the store last week and I saw her again this afternoon. She told me she had to go to Portland tonight for a family emergency, leaving her husband and kids at home.

My love waits there, in San Francisco
     Above the blue, and windy sea

"So I'm going to stay with her two girls her two girls - they're nine and eleven - when they come home from school in the afternoon until their father comes home - he'll be working late tomorrow night. And while I'm doing that I'll cook up dinner for them."

Stuart looked at her with a smile on his face.

"What is so funny?" she asked.

"I'm not laughing," he said.

"OK - you're smiling," she said.

"Because I'm...proud of you," Stuart replied.

"You're proud of me?" she asked.

"Maybe proud isn't the right word," he said. "It...just feels good seeing you be the kind, caring,
un-selfish person that I know that you are."

"It's not a big deal," Phoebe said.

When I come home to you, San Francisco,
    Your golden sun...will shine... for me

Stuart was about to say something when the CD switched to the next track and Our Love is Here to Stay started to play.

"I don't suppose Paula Cole or Melissa Etheridge are on here," she said half-jokingly, knowing they wouldn't be, and picked up the CD case.

It's very clear
    Our love is here to stay,
    Not for a year
    But ever and a day

"Memories From Lovers' Lane," she read, looking at the CD's title, then began reading the tracks.  "Prelude to My Love, Love Me Forever, The Look of Love, Love Can Make You Happy."  She looked at Stuart with a slight smile. "Your romantic side is showing again tonight."

"Guilty. I guess you just have to accept me with my faults," he said.

"Yes - like your taste in music," she said, broadening her smile.

"I'll shut it," he said.

"No, don't. I'm sort of getting used to it," she said. "And I'm also getting into the mood."

"The music is having an affect on you?" Stuart asked.

"No," she replied. "But you are." She leaned over, pulled him closer to her and kissed him again.