Charmed Role Reversal


C harmed Role Reversal is my creative outlet, a chance to try something that I felt I would enjoy but had never done before. In its first version, Charmed Role Reversal was one-tenth of its current size, written as just a single story. It has since evolved into a full series of stories - at last count over fifty - each written with a teaser and many, similar to the format of a Charmed TV episode, with an opening introduction theme. If printed, the hard-copy version would run over fifteen hundred pages.

Charmed Role Reversal is based upon Charmed as it was during its first two seasons and reflects nothing (well, almost nothing) that happened on the show thereafter. But half a dozen new, main characters, with their own storylines, have been introduced and integrated into the series to expand the stories' breadth.

To enhance the sense of reality of the stories, as well as to write them in a professional manner, most of the details included - such as military, chemical, commercials et al - foreign languages, styles of speech, real people, shops and places are fully researched, accurate and true.

I wanted to write Charmed Role Reversal to be within the established bounds of Charmed's characters. But I also wanted to write something that was different, something that was innovative. Something that was "outside of the box".

Charmed Role Reversal adheres to the characters' traits, emotions and feelings, their attitudes, thinking and style of speaking, and above all, their personalities, just as they are portrayed on Charmed. But it goes in a direction that the show didn't - that the show couldn't - go in.

To accept the reality of Charmed as we watch its episodes, we have to suspend disbelief. But...what if we didn't have to suspend it? What if we took it all one step further?

What if you suddenly found that Charmed wasn't just a TV show’s reality...but that Charmed's reality was now one and the same with the real world's reality. That the real world had been changed and Charmed had become as real a part of it as everything else in it.

What if you suddenly found that the Halliwells and everything that touched them were part of the real world you live in...were part of your life. In all was your life.

Charmed Role Reversal is set in the spring of 2000, after the completion of Charmed's second season, weaving reality seamlessly with fantasy. And though all but two of the stories are essentially self-contained (the exception being a single two-parter), they are in a logical progression, each story built upon the prior ones. And all linked together by an underlying story-arc, series theme.

When you look at something you know from a different angle than you're accustomed to, your perspective changes. It's still the same thing you've seen many times and that you know quite well. Yet, because of the changed perspective, it seems different.

Charmed Role Reversal changes your perspective of Charmed. It is the same, familiar Charmed that you know. But at the same time, it is very different.

Charmed Role Reversal is Charmed "outside of the box".