Charmed Role Reversal


Shannen and Holly had been walking around the sound stage all morning with broad smiles for everyone while Alyssa had been practically beaming.

"She is as different today from how she was yesterday as is humanly possible," Dorian said to Brian as Alyssa passed by. "On second thought, more than humanly possible. Yesterday, the world was coming to an end. Today, things couldn't be better. But not just her - all three of them. It's spooky. Like they're somehow connected with each other. As if they really were sisters."

"And Holly has been giving me these long looks every time she walks by," Brian replied. "I have this feeling that today is going to be another day like yesterday."

"Jim," Holly called as the three stars approached the director on the sound stage, "I have to talk to you."He finished writing something on a clipboard and handed it to one of the assistants.

"Thank you, Mr. Conway," Todd said and went off with the paperwork.

"Yes?" he said turning to her.

"This script has Piper freezing ghosts," Holly said. "You have to change it. Piper's power doesn't affect ghosts for long. They unfreeze pretty quickly. Ē

"Huh?" the director said.

"Piperís powers donít work very well on them," Holly continued. "Sometimes they donít even freeze at all. So you can't have the storyline depend upon her freezing them."

"What are you talking about?" he shot back.

"And this scene," Shannen jumped in, "where it says that Prue couldn't bring the jar back from the astral projection. You have to change it. Prue can bring things back with her. Her powers have grown."

"What is with the two of you?" the director asked. "You don't have control over the script."

"And the part where Phoebe says that she couldn't know about finding the mother because she has premonitions only about bad things, has to be changed, too," Alyssa added. "Phoebe most definitely gets premonitions about good things, too."

"Gets premonitions...what are you talking about?" he said. "This isn't based on anything real. The writers make all of this up. Brad approved the script."

"Brad should check with me first," Alyssa said, confidently. "I know better than anyone what Phoebe's powers can do."

"Weird day number two is in full swing," Dorian said to Brian, then turned away and went to find his mark on the set.

"We owe it to our fans," Holly said, "to make everything truthful."

"Truthful...about witches and demons?" the director replied, getting upset.

"Jim," Shannen said, "we're simply not going to do it like this. The script has to be accurate and we won't do it any other way."

The director looked at them as if they were out of their minds.

"What did the three of you do during the hiatus?" he asked. "Are you all on some weird drug?No, never mind. If you are I don't want to know."Shaking his head, he looked at them and started to say something but changed his mind.

"You're serious aren't you, " he said. "You're really going to refuse to do these scenes?"

"Look, Jim," Alyssa said, "it really would be a lot easier for everyone if you just made these changes. We're not asking that much."

The director shook his head, unable to believe what was happening.

"Re-write!" he finally shouted in exasperation and walked away.

Brian walked over to the three stars and looked at them strangely.

"What happened during the hiatus?" he asked. "How did you suddenly become so knowledgeable about demons and witches' powers, about what's accurate and what isn't?"

"Oh," Shannen replied, "it's just part of the education you get when you do some serious
demon ass-kicking."

"And save a lot of innocents at the same time," Alyssa added.

With a faint hope that somehow 'Leo' might keep his promise about Thursday night, Holly decided to take a chance.

"And...if you'd like to have dinner with me tonight," she said, "I'll give you some tips
on white-lighters."

Then the three sisters looked at each other, slowly locked arms - and laughed.