Charmed Role Reversal


T his is my first attempt at writing a story. Though the creative part of me has long wanted to do this, the logical part of me insisted that I was dreaming to think that I could ever accomplish anything even close to what this has become. Until I was finally motivated enough by the Charmed series for my creative side to win out and for me to seriously try pursuing my dreams. Aliquis potest habere somnia (anyone can have dreams).

Writing is generally a solitary endeavor. The many drafts and revisions of each story, and the research done for the accuracy of the facts and details I include in them, often feel like a lonely and never ending task. So the affect of the encouragement, help and support I received that gave me the boost to keep going cannot be overstated. I would therefore be remiss if I did not thank and acknowledge the contributions of the people who were thus instrumental in my writing Charmed Role Reversal.

Shawn Papazian, movie producer, director and writer - and former Vice-President and Studio Manager of Ray-Art Studios where Charmed was filmed - for his encouragement, expert advice and above all, his warm friendship.

Melanie Austin, whose dedicated technical efforts enhanced the look and function of the pages' header and menus, giving the website, and thereby the story, a professional luster.

Jamie Barry, my sharp-eyed, vigilant Editor, who corrects my errors, both grammatical and contextual, and vets the stories' plotlines, facts and continuity, keeping the stories accurate, readable and polished. If a writer looks good, it's because he has a talented Editor who makes him look that way. In Jamie, I have the best Editor a writer - amateur or professional - could ask for. Charmed Role Reversal is a reflection of her skills and dedication.

Andrea Haag, former Webmaster and Editor of the defunct website, whose support and suggestions for, and insightful critiques of, Charmed Role Reversal during the writing of the original single story were invaluable.

And I must also thank Constance Burge for her vision in creating the Halliwell characters, and Shannen Doherty, Holly Combs and Alyssa Milano for bringing them to life in a realistic way, thereby inspiring me to write Charmed Role Reversal.