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C harmed Role Reversal is a series of stories based upon the Charmed television show, which ran for eight seasons between 1998 and 2006. Charmed Role Reversal is a large series - the printed version runs over fifteen hundred pages - containing over fifty stories. As with a book, it should be read in order from beginning to end, including the Preface, which lays the foundation and sets the context of the story.

To enjoy Charmed Role Reversal it's best to be familiar with The Charmed series. (If you are already familiar with it, you can skip down to the feedback paragraph at the bottom.) The TV show is about three sisters in their twenties - Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell (and in later seasons, another sister, Paige Mathews) - living in San Francisco. When Phoebe moves back home from New York, they discover that they are witches. And not ordinary witches but special witches known as The Charmed Ones. And that their mother Patty Halliwell, their grandmother Penny - "Grams" - and their ancestors going back over three hundred years to Melinda Warren in Salem had all been witches! But good witches.

They learned that they now had both the responsibility to protect the innocent and the powers with which to combat evil. Each sister has different individual powers. Prue has kinetic power to move things and the power to astral project herself; Piper can freeze people and objects; and Phoebe can get premonitions of the future - and of the past - and has the best power for making up new spells. Their powers could be joined and channeled together, when needed, into an even stronger power, The Power of Three.

Prue is the oldest sister - the most mature, the "planner", the one who had to help take care of her younger sisters as they grew up after their mother was killed by a demon when the sisters were very young. Phoebe is the youngest, flighty and irresponsible. But she had changed with her return home and the new responsibilities that came with her power, though she was often still quirky. Piper, the middle sister, responsible but often finding herself caught in that 'middle sibling" position.

The Charmed series was not just about battles between good witches and evil demons and warlocks. It was, at least as much, about the sisters' personal lives; about their internal conflicts between their new, un‑asked for responsibility to defeat evil and their desire to be normal, ordinary people again with normal, ordinary lives. It was about their realistic ‑ not "soap opera" ‑ feelings and emotions that viewers could and did relate to.

Other series characters are Leo Wyatt, a whitelighter who would appear and disappear ("orb") in a white light and whose job was to guide and protect the sisters - he and Piper fell in love - and who had the power to heal people; The Elders, who oversaw and often directed the sisters' (and other good witches') activities and "missions" and to whom Leo reported; and Inspector Darryl Morris of the San Francisco Police, who knew there was some secret that the sisters had but didn't know - and didn't want to know - exactly what it was. There was also a next door neighbor Dan, a mostly absentee father Victor Bennett (who became closer to them in later seasons), and Police Inspector Andy Trudeau who was killed by a demon, who are briefly referred to in the story.

There is the Halliwell Manor, the family home that the sisters inherited when Grams, their maternal grandmother who raised them after their mother was killed, died.

There is P3, the club that Piper had opened and where the sisters would often get together.

And the Book of Shadows, which contains spells, potions and directions on how to combat, and identify, the evil they encountered. Handed down from, and added to by, each generation from their ancestor Melinda Warren to the present.

Prue, Piper and Phoebe were played by Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano respectively (and in later seasons, Paige was played by Rose McGowan). Other actors included Brian Krause as Leo and Dorian Gregory as Darryl Morris. (Greg Vaughan played neighbor Dan and James Read played their father Victor Bennett.)

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